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Email FAQs

Can I use my domain name as my email address?

Daily offers you a premium secure Email service which will allow you to create as many Email addresses as you wish using your domain name. Mailboxes are provided and you can also forward Emails going to any Email address to multiple mailboxes. We also scan all your Emails for spam or virus (you have control of the level of scanning - or switch it off totally if you want). Please feel free to contact our customer service team on 0845 466 2100 to discuss your requirements.

Can I send as well as receive Emails through Daily?

Yes, of course you can! You can send outgoing mail either through your mail program, e.g. Outlook, or using our webmail service.

What is the maximum file attachment size when I send or receive Emails through Daily?

The maximum size for an Email attachment that you can send or receive through our servers is a whopping 30 MB.

How many Email addresses can I set up using the Email service from Daily?

As many as you like! You can use any name or word before the @ sign. Create Email addresses for everyone in your company or everyone in your family or even special Email addresses to collect priority Emails.

Can I forward Emails sent to my Daily Email address to somewhere else?

Absolutely! You can set up Emails sent to a particular Email address at your domain to be forwarded to up to five other Email addresses if you wish.

Can I use Microsoft Outlook or another Email software to pick up my Email?

Yes, you can use your preferred Email software to collect and send your Emails. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, please note that only versions 2007 and 2010 are compatible with our Hosted Exchange services. We.ve produced video tutorials to walk you through setting up Microsoft Outlook as well as a whole load of others - why not take a look?

See Microsoft Outlook Video Tutorial
See Apple Mail Video Tutorial
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See Vista Video Tutorial
See Windows Live Mail Tutorial

Can I pick up my email using my Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Smart Phone or iPad?

Yes, you can. We've produced tutorials to help you configure your email on your Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

Blackberry Set up
iPhone Set up
iPad Set up

Are my Emails scanned for spam and viruses?

Yes. Our email service includes free anti-spam and anti-virus scanning, so your email is clean before it even reaches your inbox.

Do you scan our Emails to serve us advertising like Googlemail, Yahoo and Hotmail?

Absolutely not! Daily offers you a premium paid-for Email service using your domain name and your privacy is very much respected unlike free providers of Email who scan your Emails and mailboxes to profile you and serve you advertising on their website.

Can I use a web browser to collect, send and reply to my Emails?

You can use any internet connected computer from anywhere in the world to collect, send and reply to your Emails using Daily Webmail in your favourite web browser.

I already have non-Exchange Mailboxes on my domain name. Will these still work if I add an Exchange Mailbox?

By default, you would only have either Exchange Mailboxes on a particular domain name or Non-Exchange Mailboxes (as your domain name needs to know what mail service to resolve to). If you do want both then this is possible, but please see the following details in our Knowledge Base Guide first as there will be limitations.

I have a domain name with another provider and would like to transfer the domain name to Daily to start using your Email service. What do I need to do?

The transfer process is very quick and easy. If you follow the link below you can start the process going. Transferring a .co.uk to Daily is absolutely free, transferring a .com costs £4.99 (one-off charge) but with that we also add an extra year of registration to your domain name. Our customer service team is on stand-by to help you so please don't hesitate to call on 0845 466 2100

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