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Turn your first £25 of Google Advertising into £100. We've teamed up with Google to offer our customers £75 extra credit to use Google AdWords to drive more traffic to your website and grow your business online.

Customers who buy various Daily.co.uk products can take advantage of this great offer and receive additional advertising credit with Google AdWords*.

About Daily.co.uk

Please note that this offer is valid under the following conditions:

  • Offer applies to UK customers only.
  • One promotional voucher code per customer.
  • The voucher code cannot be used more than once.
  • You can use the promotional code with an existing Google AdWords account as long as the account is less
    than 14 days old at the time.
  • Vouchers will be issued 14 days after a purchase has been made.

What is AdWords?

Google AdWords is the world's largest online advertising programme and gives you access to millions of UK
users who are actively looking for what you're selling. AdWords helps connect you with potential customers in the
right place, and at precisely the right time by placing targeted ads against search results on Google or against
relevant content across Google's partner network.

How does AdWords work?

With AdWords you decide what you're willing to pay for each click and how much you'd like to spend each day, and
you only pay when people click on your ad.

Watch a quick video explaining how AdWords works.

As well as choosing which search terms (otherwise known as keywords) that you want to show your ads with, you can also target your ads to specific geographic locations, from your local neighbourhood, to a selection of nearby post-codes, to the whole UK, or beyond.

You can make changes to your AdWords account quickly and easily; changes take effect almost immediately and you can keep a close watch on your campaigns performance with the easy to use campaign management tools.

Benefits of AdWords

  • Control: You decide how much you want to pay per click and set your daily budgets.
  • Transparency: Easy to use reports to see at a glance how much traffic you're getting, where it's coming from and what its cost.
  • Flexibility: With AdWords you can start, stop and change your campaigns as and when you choose.

* Terms and Conditions for this offer:

  • In order to activate this offer, you need to enter the promotional code through the Billing tab in your account before 28th February 2015.
  • Promotional codes have no promotional value and entry of the promotional code serves only to begin your qualification for the associated promotional credit.
  • To qualify for the promotional credit you must accrue advertising charges in the amount of £25 within 31 days of entering your promotional code. For example, if you enter the code on 1st Nov you'll have until 2nd December to accrue advertising charges in the amount of £25. In all circumstances, you must enter your promotional code before 28th February 2015 in order to activate this offer.
  • Your account must be successfully billed by AdWords and remain in good standing in order to qualify for a promotional credit.
  • The promotional credit will be applied within approximately 5 days of your account reaching the threshold for accrued advertising charges specified above, as long as you've activated your account using the promotional code and fulfilled all requirements stated in the offer. Once applied, the promotional credit will appear on the Billing summary page in your account.
For the complete terms and conditions, click here.

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