Why Choose Daily

The people at Daily have been in the industry for years, so we like to think we know a thing or two about how a web hosting company should behave. Take a look at our manifesto.

Daily has been established for years, and most of the staff have been in the industry for even longer so we've plenty of experience to draw on. We know a thing or two about what makes a good web host. Take a look at our About Us page or read the Daily Blog for a little more background.

Now that we've established our pedigree, let's talk a bit about what we're all about.

We know that customers want value for money - let's face it, who doesn't? So, that's what we're committed to providing. And to us, that means making sure we've got:

Great Quality Products

Hopefully our products speak for themselves - but believe us, we've nowhere near finished adding to the range. We're always looking for things we can add, upgrade and generally improve, so we've a development plan as long as your arm. And if you have any great ideas for products you wish we offered? Let us know and we'll add it to the ideas list!

Reasonable Prices

It's no accident that we're highly competitive. We don't have the millions-strong customer base of some of the big boys, so we don't get their bulk discounts, but we still do our best to deliver a fair price. We do need to make money, of course, but we're not greedy enough to want to charge wildly over the odds, and we're not daft enough to expect our customers to keep recommending us if we fleece them!

Superior customer service

This is where we really try hard to make a difference. 'Customer Service' is one of those buzz phrases that everyone throws about, but we really do try to do more than pay lip service. We've all been on the other end of customer service done badly, and we're no keener than anyone on listening to tinny Vivaldi recordings punctuated by messages saying that our call is important and someone will be with us shortly.

So we don't inflict that on our customers. If you call the number above then as long as there are humans in the office (which is based firmly in Nottingham in the UK, incidentally) they'll answer the phone. And they won't rattle through a script full of irrelevant questions and try to get you off the phone as soon as possible.

Hosted in the UK

We're proud to be a UK company! The entire Daily team is based in the United Kingdom (our offices are in Nottingham), and so are all of our customers' websites. Your website will be hosted from a high-spec purpose-built datacentre just up the road from us in Derby.

We feel it's important to support the UK economy by staying firmly based here - and we think it's better for our customers, too. If your business is aimed at a UK market it's beneficial to have it hosted in the UK - put simply, if your website is hosted in the UK it's more likely to be returned in UK search results. Here's a blog article where we talk in more detail about why where your website is hosted matters. http://blog.daily.co.uk/2011/932/does-it-really-matter-where-your-website-is-hosted/

Reliable hardware

It sounds obvious, but since we sell access to bits of server and bandwidth it's really important to us that we use great quality hardware, in a specialist data centre, patched and protected as well as it should be.

Here's some hopefully reassuring technical information about the data centre if you want to know more.

Helpdesk Hours

You can either email us or send us a ticket via your control panel - we aim to respond within 4 hours or less.

Helpdesk Hours

Our Support Team is available for ticket support 7.00 am to 9.30 pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays.

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