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Save money on your .uk and .com registrations with our great value Domain Credits!

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Here's how Domain Credits can help you save money:

  • Domain Credits never expire and can be used at any time
  • They can be used for both domain registrations and renewals
  • You can use them for registering domains for multiple years as well
  • Future proofing - lock down future registrations or renewals at today's bulk discount prices
  • Credits can be used individually, in batches or all in one go!
To access these discounts, all you need to do is a buy a bundle of domain credits. Your credits can then be used against future new registrations, renewals, extensions of current registrations, and transfers whenever you like. The more credits you buy the cheaper each registration becomes and the longer you can keep your domain renewals to today's prices.

UK Domain Credits (1-10 year registration of renewal)

Product Price £/Year Select
UK Domain Credits x 10 £62.40 £6.24
UK Domain Credits x 20 £114.80 £5.74
UK Domain Credits x 50 £262.00 £5.24
UK Domain Credits x 150 £622.50 £4.15
UK Domain Credits x 250 £1025.00 £4.10
UK Domain Credits x 1000 £4000.00 £4.00
None - -

Global Domain Credits

Product Price £/Year Select
Global Domain Credits x 10 £99.90 £9.99
Global Domain Credits x 20 £189.80 £9.49
Global Domain Credits x 50 £449.50 £8.99
Global Domain Credits x 150 £883.50 £5.89
Global Domain Credits x 250 £1447.50 £5.79
Global Domain Credits x 1000 £5690.00 £5.69
None - -
.uk from £4 from £4
.com from £5.69
.info from £5.69
.eu from £6.99
.mobi from £7.99
.me from £12.99
.co from £22.99
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How does it work?

Just select your preferred domain credit bundle. Once you've bought it, you can redeem your credits and monitor use through the 'Domain Credits' section of the 'Domains' area of your control panel.

NB. We regret that Domain Credits are not refundable.
All prices exclude 20% VAT unless otherwise stated. All registered trademarks acknowledged. © Paragon Internet Group Ltd 2006-2015. Company Registration No.: 7573953
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