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The .uk is the hottest new addition to the UK domain family. It's short, sharp and snappy and perfect for all types of website

A domain represents a UK based company, so the perfect choice of domain ifor businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs across the UK

The .me,uk domain is all about you, so the domain to choose for your personal website, blog, photo gallery or anything else for a web presence that is based around you, as the individual

The is the option for non-profit organisations. Clubs, Organisations, Charities and everything else in the UK community

Search for your UK based domain name and secure your online presence today!
Your personalised domain name from as little as £3.99

Can I have my own email address with my UK domain name?

Absolutely! All our domain names come with free email forwarding options, so you can create your personal email address with your new domain name and use your existing email service,

We also provide email solutions ourselves when you want to upgrade further!

Can I host my Website with my new UK domain Name?

Yes, if you have an existing website then you can use our free redirection services so your new domain name resolves straight to your site. If you don't already have a website, we offer a variety of packages, from online website builders to full hosting accounts

I already have a UK domain name registered. Can I bring it to Daily?

Yes, it's completely free to transfer a UK domain name over to us, so you can take advantage of our great features and offers

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