Professional Email

Let’s make it Personal…

Having a personalised email address has major benefits. Catchy, easy to remember, they create trust and authority in whatever you do. Give a great first impression with Daily Internet mailboxes.

Great Emails,
Great Price!
with prices starting from 58p a month! Find out more!
Mailboxes for all sizes,
from 500MB to 25GB!

Also all of our Email packages include:

Auto responders
Set-up as many auto
responders as you need, from any browser or mail client.
Unlimited Forwarding
Automatically forward all mail sent to an email address to five other email addresses.
Email Catch All
Any mail sent to @yourdomain can be forwarded or bounced to any other address.
anti-virus & anti-spam
our anti-spam and anti-virus systems scan mail when it enters our network, so they are blocked before they can reach your device or computer.
webmail is free with our email packages, so you'll be able to check your email securely from any computer with an internet connection.

Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting

Microsoft Exchange business email and collaboration software is designed to help you work at peak efficiency, wherever you are.

Work smarter by sharing calendars for efficient planning and get your business email pushed straight to your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows or Blackberry phone; you'll never be out of touch.

It's cost-effective as there are no hardware requirements and it’s easy to set-up and manage. Each mailbox has a huge 25GB storage capacity and includes cutting-edge Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filters, mobile email connectivity comes as standard.

From only £8.99 per month!

Why should I get my mailbox with Daily?

Hosted Exchange

Increase your productivity with Microsoft Exchange email hosting.

Share calendars and access your business email anywhere, whether you're at your desktop or using your iPhone, BlackBerry or other smart phone.

Multiple large mailboxes

All Daily email packages include generous mailbox quotas, but if you need more space you can easily add extra, larger, mailboxes.

Buy extra 100MB, 500MB, 1GB, 5GB or 10GB, 25GB mailboxes whenever you need them.

Manage email from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Access your emails on the go via any smartphone or tablet device, Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry. They are all supported.

You can also access your email via our secure, easy to use webmail service as well as your PC or Mac, with whatever email client you like. Just choose POP3 or IMAP to download your emails directly.

Use any email software

You don't need to learn a fiddly new set-up to start sending and receiving your emails with us.

Daily's hosted email packages are fully compatible with all well known email software like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail, so you can use the software you already know.

MyDaily™ Control Panel

full control of your mail, manage dns, forwarding, access webmail and more!

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