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If you have one of our Linux Hosting accounts, then you have the opportunity to purchase our Backup Service.

We have two options: Daily and Weekly Backups.

As the name suggests, we take a weekly or daily backup of your website and databases and all the data is stored in a separate location, well away from your normal website space.

In the event you have an unwanted deletion of a file or you make some changes that have had an adverse effect, you can simply connect to your backup space and download any of your saved files you need, ready to upload back into your hosting space.

This service is entirely optional, but if you don't purchase our backup service then it is imperative that you maintain your own local backups (i.e. copying your website and data to your own PC), as we will not have copies of your website and databases ourselves (we keep Disaster Recovery backups at a host level, but this does not drill down to individual sites.), so if you lose any data then it really is gone.

The 'rule of thumb' is: If you think your data is important or business critical, you will back it up (either using our service or you make your own arrangements). If you don't think it's important and you wouldn't mind if you accidentally lost it, you won't back it up.

The decision is yours!

How does it work?
We keep backups for a rolling four weeks, so if you have a monthly service you will have four lots of backups, each containing your full website and database data.

The same goes for Daily backups, which are exactly the same as above, but you'll also have another folder with backups on a daily basic for a rolling week (so seven days woth of copies of your site and then three weekly bacjups as well)

What is backed up?
Any uploaded website files and database content.

Please note, this does not include emails

How do I access my backups?
Just connect to backup.daily.co.uk using FTP and your normal FTP username and password

Who can purchase this service?
Any Linux Hosting customers. At this time, the service isn't available to Windows Hosting or Reseller customers.

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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