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Transferring your UK Domain Name
Transferring a UK domain name in to Daily is done in two steps:

1) Contact your current provider and change the IPS Tag of the domain to DAILY (please see below for more details regarding this)

2) Start the transfer from the "Transfers" page in the "Domains" Section directly in your Daily Control Panel:

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Alternatively if you are a new customer and do not yet have a Control Panel, then you can go to the "Transfers" page under the "Domains" tab on our website instead (this will also create a Control Panel as part of the process):

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All domain names with Daily must reside in a Control Panel. This allows you to have full control over managing the name. It also ensures that only you have access to your domain name(s) as you will have your own username and password for your Control Panel.

Please pay attention to the Change Nameservers tickbox when transferring a domain name to Daily. If you want to use any services with Daily such as email or websites for your domain name, then you must tick this box.

You should only leave it unticked if you wish to transfer the management of the domain name over to us but continue using existing services with your current provider

What is an IPS Tag?
All UK Domain Names have what is known as an Internet Provider Security (or IPS) Tag. Hosting Companies, ISP and certain other organisations are assigned a tag by Nominet (the governing body for all UK domain names). If you want to move a UK domain name to a different company, then you must change the IPS Tag to them first to allow them to "pick up" the domain name when it is transferred.

How do I change my IPS Tag to Daily?
You can contact your current provider and ask them to change this. Many companies are like ourselves in that they provide an online Control Panel where you can change this yourself.

How can I see what my IPS tag is currently set to?
You can see the status of any domain tag by checking a WHOIS Database. These are publically accessible databases that show the details of a domain name, such as who it belongs to, where it points and what the tag is.

We recommend using the Nominet WHOIS Database located at http://www.nic.uk in the top right hand corner.

The results will come out in the following format, showing the tag as in the example below:

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Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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