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This article will show you how to configure your Windows Live Mail 2011 client to send and receive your Daily email.

Please note: Before you can configure any mail client to send/receive your email, you must have first actually created an email mailbox in your Daily Control Panel. If you have not done so already, please see the following article Creating Email Mailboxes

1) Open Windows Live Mail and go to the Home option in the menu bar, select Options and Email accounts....

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2) Select Add

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3) Select Email Account and select next

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4) Enter the following details:

Email address: The email address you are adding.
Password: The password you set your email mailbox.
Display name: The name you want to be displayed when people receive your email.

Tick the checkbox for Manually configure server settings and select next

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5) Enter the following details:

Incoming Server Type: You can either have this as POP or IMAP. If you intend to check your email on a mobile device as well as Windows Live, we recommend using IMAP (see the note at the bottom of this article)
Server address: pop.daily.co.uk
Logon user name: Your email address
Outgoing Server Type: mail.daily.co.uk
Outgoing Port: change this from 25 to 587

Also ensure you tick the checkbox for Requires authentication and select next

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6) Your email is now configured to send and receive through Windows Live mail

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Important Note: If you will be checking your email using a mobile device (e.g. Android or iPhone etc.) as well as your mail client, we strongly advise you to configure your computer mail client to check mail using IMAP rather than POP (see Step 5 above).

Having a POP connection open on your computer at the same time as checking email on your mobile telephone may result in your mailbox becoming locked (though this is not an issue with having multiple IMAP connections open).

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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