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Creating a Resold Account
This article will show you how to create a new resold customer account using your ResellerV2 package.

1) Log into your Daily Control Panel by going to https://www.daily.co.uk/user/login.

2) Select Reseller v2 from the left hand menu.

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From the Reseller v2 section select Add Account.

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3) Select the domain you wish to use, for the customer.

If the domain is not in the daily control panel, or has not been registered, you can either register a new domain or transfer an existing domain into your account. You can also set up a domain link, which allows you to have a domain with another host but use our hosting services.

When you have chosen your domain name select either add or search depending on how you are assigning the domain to the new customer.

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4) Next you need to register a new customer. If you have already registered a customer there will be a drop-down box displayed from where you can select an existing customer.

When finished, select either Create or the Use This Customer button if you are using an existing customer.

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5) The final step is to choose a package for your new account. As before this can be an existing account you have created or a new type of account altogether.

The accounts can be either:

- Advanced Hosting (standard webspace with FTP access with optional databases)

Please note Your password must contain lowercase, uppercase and numbers and be between 8 and 12 characters long.

- Instant Website Holding Page (our template based hosting allowing a single holding pages)

- Instant Website (our template based hosting allowing multiple pages)

- Instant Website Pro (as above, but with online shop facilities)

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6) Your Account is now completed and set-up!

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Please note that any new customers or pages you create will automatically be saved, so if you ever want to use them again when creating accounts then they will be in your drop-down lists.

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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