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How do autorenews work?
To ensure continuity of service and to avoid any unwanted expiries, we have an optional system where we can renew your domain names and services automatically.

This is dependent of you having either a valid credit or debit card saved in your MyDaily Control Panel or you have stored some funds in your Account Credit (we unfortunately cannot take auto-renewals using domain credits or PayPal currently).

Any services or domain names in your account that you have either not cancelled or set to expire will be automatically renewed using your saved payment method.

Please note that autorenewal payments are always taken 14 days before the expiry date. This is to ensure that if there is ever a problem with the payment, the account holder will still have time to manually go into their account and renew their service/domain (this is especially important as some domain names and services do not have a grace period or will incur additional charges to renew past their expiry date)

In the event of a failed autorenewal payment on the 14 days, we will attempt a second autorenewal 7 days before expiry as well (unless of course you have since manually renewed instead)

With any failed payment attempts or successful payment attempts, we will always email you letting you know (either a warning or invoice email). For this reason, please make sure you supply us with a valid email address in your MyDaily Control Panel and update your details if ever you change it

If you do not want your services autorenewed
This is fine, as autorenewals are optional.

The best way is to simply set any services or domains that you do not want to either be cancelled or to expire. That way we won't attempt to autorenew them, we won't send you reminder emails and we'll also know for certain that you do not want the service/domain so won't chase you.

Finally, we can also flag your account to block all autorenewals, or just block autorenewals for domain names and not services. You can request this from our Support Team

If you have a service autorenewed that you did not want renewed
We would stress that autorenewals are optional, so you must sure you keep your account and preferences up-to-date to avoid this situation happening.

In the event it does, we sometimes can recoup funds (this depends on when the autorenewal was, if it was for a licensed product, domain registry ruling etc. (please remember, some products/services are from third-party providers so we have to abide by their terms).

Please complete the following and we shall escalate this Uwanted Renewal Dispute Form

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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