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Setting up the Sagepay Payment method for your eShop
This guide will show you how to create the "VSP Form" SagePay payment option in your E-shop.

First you need to sign up for a merchant account with SagePay

The type of account used with the E-shop is "VSP Server"

Select the package depending on the number of transactions you expect to receive per quarter.

There is an option to sign up for a simulator account this isn't required and we recommend our customers don't sign up for this type of account.

You will also need to add the following IP addresses into your SagePay account:

And the subnet mask of for each IP

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Once you have signed up for your Sage Pay account, Sage Pay can be easily set up within your eShop in the following 10 easy steps:

1 Once logged into the eShop admin area, under the Settings menu, click Delivery and Payment.

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2 Click the Payment Methods tab.

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On the drop down menu click Sage Pay

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Once selected click the Save button.

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Click on the Complete it link next to the Sage Pay payment method.

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Enter the following Sage Pay information:
a. Vendor Name – Sage Pay Vendor Name
b. Transaction Type
c. Operational Mode – Test or Live
d. Card types to accept – As set up in your Sage Pay admin account

Click Save

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7 Click Test Settings to confirm connection to the Sage Pay servers.

The test settings checks different things. The main points are:

  • Ensures a connection to the Sage Pay Servers

  • Confirms the Vendor Name is correct

  • Ensures that the correct IP address is registered at Sage Pay for the given Vendor Name (if not the an error will be shown and you need to register your IP in your Sage Pay Admin).

  • Ensures all currencies which are activated for the eShop are also activated in the Sage Pay Admin.

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Click on the General tab.

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Set the Following values:
a. Visible = Yes
b. Default = Yes
Click Save

10 That’s it, your eShop set up is now ready to accept payments via Sage Pay.

Last Updated: 19/10/2009
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