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Automatic Renewal Dispute Form
At Daily.co.uk, we have an automatic renewal system in place to ensure continuity of ongoing services

This facility is optional and will only occur if customers specifically agree to the terms on sign-up up. Daily.co.uk will never enable renewals if these terms are not agreed to by the customer first.

Customers are notified of renewals by the following methods:

1) All customers must agree to the terms during their initial sign-up process before being able to purchase any services

2) There is a second warning of renewals on the order page, before payment can be entered

3) There are third warnings of upcoming renewals in the MyDaily control Panel on the first login screen

4) There are further warnings in the form of renewal reminder emails sent to the customer at set intervals before renewal dates, confirming what is due to be renewed, how how much, when and using what payment method.

In turn, it is the customer's responsibility to:

1) Set any services or domain names to expire/cancel if they are no longer wanted.

2) Ensure contact details are kept up-to-date.

3) Ensure any personal details, payment details, renewal settings etc. are updated if the services are going through a change of ownership/administration.

Renewals are exempt from our initial seven day money back guarantee (especially when registry and/or licencing fees are incurred), so it is imperative that customers do not use the autorenewal service unless they are certain they want a renewal to take place.

If for any reason a customer believes there are extenuating circumstances regarding a renewal, please print and return the below form so this can be escalated to director level.

Select to Download the Service Renewal Dispute Form

Last Updated: 15/03/2012
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