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Importing an existing script into our App Library

This article will explain how to import an existing script already installed on your hosting space (which was not installed using the App Library) to the list of installed Apps in the App Library.

For demonstration purposes this article will explain how to Import a Wordpress script. however, the instructions apply to all other Apps, such a Joomla, Opencart, Prestshop etc.

1) Login to the Apps library as described in http://www.daily.co.uk/support?id=1037

2) Click on the name of the App you want to import (In this case Wordpress)

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3) You will be taken to the overview page for the App you are importing (Wordpress in this case). To import an existing installation of the App click Import on the top right of the page.

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4) A page will be displayed asking you to confirm the domain the App is installed on and the directory it is installed in. An explanation of these is provided below:

Choose Domain: Leave this as it is. The Apps Library will automatically detect what domain the hosting is related to.

In Directory: The name of the directory the script to be imported is installed in. Leave this blank if the script is installed directly into the root of the hosting space (in the public_html or wwwroot folder).

If the script is installed in a sub-directory of the root of the hosting space (for example in a folder called wp or site1) then enter the folder name into this text box.

In this example Wordpress is installed in the wp directory.

Once done click on Import.

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5) Once imported you will see be presented with the following confirmation message:

Congratulations, the software was imported successfully

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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