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Forwarding your Domain Name to another Website

This article will show you how to set up web forwarding for your domain name.

Please note that our non-framed web forwarding uses 301 redirects.

1) Log into your MyDaily Control Panel by selecting the 'Customer Login' option on daily.co.uk:

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2) Select the option for 'Domains':

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3) Select the option for 'Web Forwarding'

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4) Choose the forwarding type you want and type in the destination you want to forward to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 'Framed' and 'Non-Framed' web forwarding?
If you have Framed forwarding, then the domain name you first type into your browser will remain there after the target site is loaded (so it's basically a seamless forward).

If you have Non-Framed forwarding, then the domain name you first type in will change to show the true URL of the target site once it loads.

What are the options for META Tags and other settings for?
The five options below are optional, and only valid if you are using Framed forwarding:

Page title for framed forwarding: This is the title that is displayed in your browser taskbar icon when viewing your site.

URL for favicon.ico: This is a small image or icon that is displayed when someone adds your website to their 'favourites' or 'bookmarks'.

META tag Author, META tag Keywords and META tag Description : META Tags are parts of code in your website that are not visible in your normal pages, but which search engines look for when listing your site.

Why don't I need these options with Non-Framed forwarding?
You would have this code accessible directly at your target website instead.

You have these with Framed forwarding because browsers and search engines are technically viewing a separate site altogether and reading the code on that, however to the end user this all looks normal as the target site is loaded inside this forwarded site.

How can I make bulk webforwarding changes?
You can make bulk webforwarding changes via your daily account here is a guide to assist you: Bulk Management

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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