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Creating a mailbox

This article will show you how to create your email mailbox, so you can then send and receive emails through programs like Microsoft Outlook.

1) Log into your MyDaily Control Panel, by selecting the Customer Login option on daily.co.uk:

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2) Select the option for 'email':

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3) Select the option for 'Manage Mailboxes':

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4) In the 'Create Mailbox' section, simply enter the email address and the password you want to use and select the 'Setup Mailbox' option:

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Your email will now be set-up and ready to send and receive!

How can I send and receive my emails?
You can read them either using a full email program like Microsoft Outlook, or you can use our Webmail Facility. We have articles on how to set these up in the 'email' section of this Knowledge Base.

Why do you not create my mailbox automatically?
Simply because we do not want to assume what email address you want (if you even want to use email!). This way you can decide what goes before the @ sign in your address.

What are the differences between mailbox types?
Basic Mailbox - 15MB of storage space (equivalent to 830 average sized emails*)

Standard Mailbox - 100MB of storage space (equivalent to 5535 average sized emails*)

Advanced Mailbox - 1000MB of storage space (equivalent to 56679 average sized emails*)

Standard and Advanced mailboxes also come with customisable anti-spam settings.

* with an average sized email being 18.5Kb in size. Please note emails with attachments may be considerably larger.

What happens when my mailbox becomes full?
If this happens then you will stop receiving email until you either delete or download them.

Remember than normal programs like Microsoft Outlook 'download' your emails from your mailbox onto your computer every time you check your email, so as long as you check your email fairly frequently then it is unlikely you will fill your mailbox.

Usually the only times mailboxes become full is when a user:

1) Does not check their email at all
2) Only checks using Webmail and does not delete old emails
3) Receives large attachments in their email

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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