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Creating Anti-spam Filters

This article will show you how to change your SPAM filter settings for your webmail mailbox.

Note: You can not alter the anti spam settings for Basic Mailboxes

1) Login to your daily control panel https://www.daily.co.uk/user/login.

2) Once logged into your control panel, click on the Email link.

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3) In the Email section click on Anti-Spam Settings.

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4) Choose the Protection Level you wish to set the spam filter to and set the option to automatically filter spam emails to the spam folder.

Once done click on the Update button.

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Please Note: If the option to auto-filter spam emails into the spam folder is set to No then the spam emails will be delivered to the Inbox.

Also it is best practice to set the spam filter level to the lowest setting and increase it, one level at a time, until the majority of spam is being filtered into the spam folder.

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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