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Creating an Email Autoresponder

This article will show you how to create an auto responder for your mailbox.

1) Log into your Daily control panel by going to https://www.daily.co.uk/user/login.

2) Once logged in, click on the Email link in your Daily control panel.

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3) In the Email section, click on the Autoresponders link.

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4) Once you are in the Autoresponders section, fill in the following in the Create Auto Responder section:
Select Mailbox: Select an existing email address, that you wish to create an auto responder for.
Subject: A name for the auto responder.
Responder Message: The message that will be sent, as a reply, in the auto responder.

Click on the Create Auto Responder button to complete creation of the auto responder.

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Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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