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Why would the registrant address fail?

Registrant Address information is checked against the Royal Mail Postcode Address file, which contains over 28 million UK addresses.

These checks specifically look to match this information against the information you have put on your domain name.

The main reasons why your address may not be validated are

1) If the address is in an industrial estate, does it include precisely the unit number or name of the building?

2) If the address is a flat or a suite in an office block, have all the details been provided to allow us to clearly identify it?

If you can see that you have an incorrect registrant address for your domain name and you wish to update this, please do so in your MyDaily control Panel in the Updatre domain Contacts Section

If you believe your registrant address is already correct, please reply and we can manually check this.

In most cases we will just need to see documented proof of your address from one of the below documents that you can scan and email to us (or fax):

- Passport (only applicable to domains registered to individuals
- Drivers' Licence (only applicable to domains registered to individuals)
- National ID Card (only applicable to domains registered to individuals)
- Recent Utility Bill from last three months
- HMRC Tax Notification from last three months

Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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