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FAQ: Suspended Hosting Accounts

If you are viewing this article, it will probably be because your Hosting Account has been suspended and you are following the link in our notification email.

Q. Why has my site been suspended?
A. This will be because your site was posing a threat to our network for infringing our Acceptable Usage Policy: https://www.daily.co.uk/terms/use.html

Typically your site will have been sending out Spam Emails, Hosting Phishing pages or running programs designed to attack other sites

If we were to knowingly leave a site carrying out such activity, not only would it affect overall performance, but would result in our network being blacklisted by Internet Service Providers, thus denying service for other customers. This is especially the case for our Hosting Accounts are thousands of users share the same resource and network.

Q. This was against my knowledge. Someone else must have gained access to my account, so I should not be held responsible
A. As the account holder, you are responsible for maintaining your site and contents and keeping it secure so that it cannot be abused by third parties.

Q. If my site has been compromised, does this mean Daily’s platform are insecure to have allowed this to happen
A. No. Our overall platform is fully secure and has multiple security layers. A compromise to your site will have just been to your site due to some sort of vulnerability in your uploaded data.

If someone has gained access to your files, it will not allow them to then access other sites on our network

Q. I need Daily to tell me exactly how my site was compromised
A. We are unable to do this. If ever there is a clear indication then we shall inform you, though the majority of cases a compromise will require large amounts of resource to identify and the compromiser may have already installed other ‘back door’ entries.

Q. I need Daily to make my site secure for me
A. We are unable to perform this service, though there are third party security companies who catre for this service.

Q. How can I make my site secure myself?
A. The below is a guide of some typical steps. This list is not definitive:

- If you are using a third party CMS solution such as Wordpress or Joomla, ensure you are always running the latest version. New versions are often released because of new security vulnerabilities.

- If you have any plugins, themes or applications for your site, ensure you always download these from reputable sources and again always make sure you update to the latest versions

- Only use strong passwords on your site. Remember, passwords should be picked for security – not because they’re easy to remember

- Ensure you scan any of your internet enabled devices regularly for any viruses and malware

- Install any additional security plugins for your website (e.g. ‘Wordfence’ for Wordpress)

- Subscribe to any mailing lists or security advisory lists for the programs you install to your website so you will be aware when there is a new vulnerability.

- If you already have been compromised, then at the very least you should fully delete the contents of any hosting space and databases, reset all your login details and then re-upload your data, but checking and sanitising as you go along (as all the above will be pointless if you are simply re-uploading the same insecure file)

- Pay particular attention to any files or facilities in your website that have upload or email facilities. These are what are targeted the most

Q. What happens if I get compromised again?
A. If we see a site repeatedly being compromised, we cannot allow it to be hosted on our network as this would be irresponsible. Typically if we have to suspend a site a third time, we will not reactivate it

Q. I am not confident that I can maintain my website and prevent it from being compromised again
A. Then you should not host a site of this nature. We provide template based websites such as our Instant Website package that may be more suitable

Last Updated: 04/06/2015
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