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This article will guide you through the steps for adding your Daily Email Mailbox to the Microsoft Windows 10 Mail App.

Please Note: This guide is for information only and we are unable to provide technical support for third party email clients.

The example shown is using Windows 10 Mail App and the email address we are adding is example@daily-example.co.uk for a Mr Helpful Support Agent. Please substitute these for your own email address and name

1. When you launch Windows 10 Mail for the first time you will be given the option to select 'Add account'
Adding a email account

If you are adding a new account to an existing mail app configuration you will need to go to the settings cog on the bottom right corner
Adding a email account

On the right pane click accounts and select the option 'Add account'
Adding a email account

2. To add a POP3/IMAP based account, in the list you’ll want to choose 'advanced setup', highlighted below.
Adding a email account

3. After you click this you will be taken to the following window, where you need to select the choice for 'Internet Email'.
Adding a email account

4. Enter the following details:
Account name: The name your account will be viewed as
Your Name: The name you want to be displayed when people receive your email.
Incoming Mail Server: Enter imap.daily.co.uk or pop.daily.co.uk
Account Type: IMAP or POP3
Adding a email account

5. Scroll down the page and enter the following:

Username: the email address you are adding
Password: the password you set your email mailbox
Outgoing (SMTP) email server: mail.daily.co.uk
Adding a email account

6. Scroll down to the bottom and ensure the following checkboxes are ticked:
Outgoing Server requires authentication: Yes
Use the same username and password for sending email: Yes
Require SSL for incoming mail: Yes
Require SSL for outgoing mail: Yes
Adding a email account

7. Your email account will now be set up on your Windows Mail App.
Adding a email account

Last Updated: 08/10/2015
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