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Domain Ownership Dispute: Moving Domain Name from Third Party Account - old

The legal owner of a domain name is the individual or company that is displayed in the ownership details of a WHOIS Lookup, as per the below example:

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All domain names hosted with Daily.co.uk will be contained in an online Customer Control Panel (The MyDaily Control Panel) where customers can manage their domain names (update contacts, purchase add-ons, transfer the domain name to another company, change DNS settings etc.)

In certain circumstances, a domain name legally owned by a particular individual or company may be under the management of a Daily.co.uk customer (usually a website designer or a Reseller) in their own MyDaily Control Panel.

If you are the legal owner of a domain name and you want to regain control to manage the domain name yourself, you should first approach the person or company you used to manage your name. If for any reason there is a dispute or you can no longer contact them, then Daily.co.uk can manually move your domain name for you.

IMPORTANT: If you are NOT the legal registrant of the domain name(s) and not the account holder that the domain name(s) are in, Daily is unable to move the domain name(s) in question.

The only option will be to contact the account holder (who can transfer domain names and update basic contacts), or failing this, dispute the legal ownership and have this changed to yourself

To do this, you will need to contact Nominet UK for UK domain names or ICANN for other types of domain names. Both Nominet and ICANN have a specific disputes policy for these situations

To reitterate, Daily can only act directly on a domain names from instruction from the legal owner. Please do not proceed with the below until you have had the legal ownership changed

You will need to complete the following steps:

1) Create your own User Account at: https://www.daily.co.uk/user/register. This is completely free to do and will assign you your own MyDaily Control Panel, thus providing a location we can transfer the domain name to that will allow you to manage it yourself. If you already have a Daily account or wish to move the domain name to an existing account managed by someone else this step can be ignored.

2) Print off and complete the the following form: Change of Domain Name Account Ownership Form

3) Send this form back to us (either as fax to 0845 4660102 or scanned attachment to helpdesk@daily.co.uk), along with a recent amenities bill or bank/card statement

4)Providing all the details match and the form has been completed, we will then transfer the domain name to your own User Account and update you via email when complete.

Please Note:

- To verify ownership, the name and address on your amenities bill/statement must exactly match the domain name details on the WHOIS database.

- The transfer will only be for the domain name itself. If you have any websites, email or custom settings attached to the domain name then these will not be transferred (they remain the ownership of the account holder they are currently with)

Last Updated: 18/01/2012
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