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Configuring Windows 8 Mail
This article contains step by step instructions on how to add a mail account, for a mailbox you have created on the Daily server, in the default Windows 8 mail client.

PLEASE NOTE: Windows 8 mail requires you have a Windows live account created and login with that before you can set up any other mail accounts. This is a feature that Microsoft have introduced themselves and cannot be changed by Daily

1 In Windows 8 Select the Mail option.

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2 If this is your first time setting up Mail in Windows 8 you will need to enter your Windows live login details and click on Save before you can add your mailbox details.

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3 On the Add your email account page select the method you wish to use to connect to the mailbox (either IMAP or POP) and click on Connect

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4 Click on Show more details. This will allow you to fill in specific details in order to be able to connect to our servers.

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5 Enter the details to connect to your mailbox on the Daily server noting the following specific details:

Username Is the email address of the mail account you are connecting to and NOT your Daily customer login username

Password The password of the mail account you are connecting to. This is normally different to your Daily customer login password. If you cannot remember this see the following post on details of how to view your mailbox password: http://www.daily.co.uk/support?id=916

Incoming (IMAP/POP) mail server is pop.daily.co.uk regardless of whether you are using a POP or IMAP connection

Outgoing (SMTP) mail server mail.daily.co.uk

Port numbers These are normally filled in automatically. However if you find you have issues sending emails then ensure that the option for Outgoing server requires SSL is unticked and that the port number is set to 587

Outgoing server requires authentication Ensure this is ticked.

Use same username and password to send and receive email ensure this option is ticked.

Once filled in click on Connect.

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6 You will then see the following screen which indicates that the account was created successfully.

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Last Updated: 04/03/2013
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