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Transferring your Global Domain Name
Before transferring a Global domain name into Daily, there are five things you must check:

  • The domain name must be unlocked

  • Your email address must be set as the admin contact of the domain name.

  • You must have the auth code for the domain name from your current provider.

  • The domain name must be older than 60 Days since it was first registered or last transferred.

  • The domain name must have more than 14 days left on it before it expires

  • For details on how to check these, see below. It is important you do check these before starting a transfer, as otherwise your transfer will fail.

    1) Initiate the Transfer: Start the transfer from the "Transfers" page in the "Domains" section directly in your Daily Control Panel:

    Knowledge Base Image

    Alternatively if you are a new customer and do not yet have a Control Panel, then you can go to the Transfer section on our website instead (this will also create you a Control Panel as part of the process):

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    All domain names with Daily must reside in a Control Panel, as this allows you to have full control over managing the name and also ensures that only you have access to your domain name(s) (as you will have your own username and password for your Control Panel).

    Please pay attention to the Change Nameservers tickbox when transferring a domain name to Daily. If you want to use any services with Daily such as email or websites for your domain name, then you must tick this box.

    You should only leave it unticked if you wish to transfer the management of the domain name over to us but continue using existing services with your current provider

    2) Owner Approval: The admin contact for the domain name will then receive an email from Domain Box (one of the registrars of global domain names). This will contain a URL you will need to visit and a transfer key to enter.

    3) This will then take you to the Transfer Confirmation Form. It is here you will need to enter your authorisation code and click on Transfer to proceed with the domain transfer:

    Knowledge Base Image

    4) Registry Approval: This is the final stage before Your domain name will show up in your control panel and no further action is required from yourself.

    The transfer request is sent from Domain Box to your current registry where they can either approve or reject the transfer away from themselves. It is worth noting that many registries do not respond to this request and so in around five to seven days the request will be automatically accepted once it times out.

    It is possible for your current registry to reject the transfer, however there are strict regulations stopping hosts from doing this unless there is a valid reason.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is domain locking and how do I see if my domain name is locked?
    As many transfers for com, net and org domain names are automated via transfer emails, an extra security step is to 'lock' a domain. This is a status applied to domains so that transfer requests are automatically rejected.

    You can see if a domain name is locked by going to a WHOIS database, such as the one at Internic (http://www.internic.net/whois.html). Search for your domain name and in the output you will see entries stating ClientTransferProhibited if your domain is locked, as per the below example:

    Knowledge Base Image

    If there is no mention of ClientTransferProhibited then your domain name will be unlocked.

    How do I unlock my domain name?
    You can contact your current host and request they unlock your name. Many companies like ourselves provide a control panel where you can lock or unlock your domain yourself.

    Why do I need to have access to the admin contact email address?
    This is because of the owner approval stage. An email is sent to the admin contact to confirm they do indeed want to transfer their domain name (as otherwise anybody could 'hijack' someone else's domain). If you are not the admin contact then you will never receive this email.

    Please note that for security we can only ever send the email to the admin contact. If you need the email to go to another address then you will need to change the admin contact before starting the transfer.

    Where do I get the authorisation code from?
    Your current host can provide this to you. Normally it is sent to the admin contact of the domain name upon request.

    Why can I not transfer my domain name if it is not older than 60 days?
    This is due to ICANN regulations, so all registries and hosting companies must abide by this.

    Why should my domain name have more than 14 days left on it before it expires
    This is not essential, however remember it can take several days for a transfer to complete. We suggest this to ensure there is no 'downtime' on your domain name in case there are any delays during the transfer process.

    Last Updated: 20/01/2015
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