Bulk Email Acceptable Use Policy

In addition to the standard AUP, the following also applies to customers specifically sending bulk email (i.e. any email sent to multiple recipients, such as newsletters, sales and marketing emails, promotional offers etc.)

  • Bulk email must only be sent to legitimate recipients who have subscribed voluntarily.
  • All recipients must have subscribed using a double opt-in feature (i.e. the subscriber must confirm they requested their email address be added to any mailing lists to ensure it has not been included against their knowledge).
  • Under no circumstances should email be sent to addresses acquired through third party organisations who cannot guarantee the above criteria has been met.
  • All emails must contain clear instructions on how the recipient can unsubscribe.

If Daily receives any complaints from recipients of bulk email (or the recipient's ISP), the originating account may be at risk from suspension if:

  • Daily.co.uk mail servers are at any risk from ISP/Anti-Spam Organisation blacklisting for participating in 'spamming' activity.
  • The sender is unable to provide evidence on request that the above criteria have been met.

  • Any customers will have all services terminated without further notice if found to be sending email:

  • Promoting 'phishing' sites or any other fraudulent and illegal activity
  • To email lists acquired illegitimately (including output from email harvester programs)
  • To 'spamtrap' mail addresses used by anti-spam organisations
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