Domain Backorder Terms and Conditions

  1. If your Domain Backorder detects that a watched domain is now free to register and we have received payment from you for the Registration fee and the Domain name, we will attempt to register that domain on your behalf. However, others may also be watching that domain so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to register it for you.
  2. Since the release of previously registered domains is in the hands of the registries, we cannot guarantee that any given domain name will become available to register on any specific date.
  3. Registrations made using the Domain Backorder service will be charged at the standard price for that type of domain name which is in force at time of registering, plus a Registration fee of £19.99. Each domain will be registered for the minimum period possible.
  4. We will attempt to take payment for the Registration fee and domain name from 45 days prior to the estimated release date of the backordered domain name. Payment is required by, at the latest, 36 days prior to the estimated release date of the backordered domain name. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept Paypal payments for Domain Backorders.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure you have an up to date credit or debit card active in your control panel so that we can take payment and subsequently register your backordered domain. If we are unable to take payment, your backorder will be cancelled and we will not attempt to register the domain name.
  6. If we attempt to register a backordered domain name on your behalf and are unsuccessful, you will be entitled to a full refund for the Registration fee plus the domain name price. You may request this refund from the Backorders section of your control panel. Your domain backorder service will cease at this point and will need to be re-ordered if you would like it to continue.
  7. Once payment has been made for the backorder we are unable to cancel it and no refunds will be given unless we are not successful in obtaining the domain name for you where condition 6 above will apply.
All prices exclude 20% VAT unless otherwise stated. All registered trademarks acknowledged. © Paragon Internet Group Ltd 2006-2015. Company Registration No.: 7573953
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