Extra Software Licences

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the standard Daily.co.uk terms and conditions, the following also applies to customers specifically purchasing software licences from Daily.co.uk for use on their Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Customers purchasing extra software licences for Daily.co.uk VPS Products must agree that:
  • Once the licence is purchased, no refunds can be given for the licence period.
  • The licence can be cancelled but will run until the end of the paid-period.
  • They will not duplicate or copy the licence key of the software.
  • The licence is owned in its entirety by Daily.co.uk and can be revoked if it is found that the customer has violated the Terms and Conditions or End User Licence Agreements of either Daily or the Original Software Vendor.
    • When purchasing software licences specifically for Microsoft software, customers agree that:
      • They shall abide by Microsoft's terms and conditions relating to this software licence. View the EULA information for Microsoft products.
      • As per Microsoft's licence terms for software distribution, the software being purchased must be installed by Daily.co.uk and have the licence installed by Daily.co.uk.
      • Before Daily.co.uk installs the software, the customer agrees that they have made full and complete off-site backups of their Daily.co.uk server.
      • Daily.co.uk will only install and licence the above software, Daily.co.uk cannot be held accountable for any adverse or undesirable affects in relation to the installation of the software.
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