Dedicated Servers

Remit of Support

Our Dedicated Servers are unmanaged products, so we provide a Dedicated Server solution based on your order (in terms of Operating System and any optional add-ons) and ensure there is network connectivity to that server. You are then responsible for the administration and day-to-day running of your server, for typical tasks such as:

  • Pro-Actively monitoring and restarting services
  • Applying security updates and patches
  • Customising and optimising the server
  • General fault diagnosis and trouble shooting
  • Maintaining backups of files and settings
  • Firewall management

All our Dedicated Servers come with full root or administrator access (depending on the Operating System). If you ever need assistance from our teams with the general running and administration of your server, we can provide a bespoke quote (see below).

Network Access

We monitor the network infrastructure at our data centres 24/7/365. In the rare event of any issues affecting network performance, our network administrators will automatically be alerted and will rectify any problems. If you do ever experience any network connectivity issues, you should always check our System Status Page at in the first instance for information and updates regarding known issues which are already being addressed.

Hardware Issues

In the event of a hardware failure with your server, please raise a Support Ticket from your MyDaily Control Panel, (selecting the appropriate option from the list of query types). This will be sent as a priority to our teams, who can then arrange a replacement of the component or a replacement server if required. If you are reporting a hardware fault, you should always provide specific details in order to expedite your resolution. These include:
  • Specific hardware error messages
  • Log file output
  • SMART disk output
  • Hardware temperature sensor reports

Technical Support

You can request assistance from our teams at Daily for any general administration tasks or the running of your server. Our server management fees range from £50-£100 per hour (excluding VAT) depending on the nature of the issue. Our teams will always respond to your query with a no obligation quote

Contacting Support

Any requests must be submitted via the Dedicated Servers section of your MyDaily Control Panel. This ensures:
  • That the request goes straight to our Dedicated Servers specialists for prompt attention
  • That our teams have all the relevant information regarding the server the query relates to
  • That our teams have permission to log into your server, restart it or make other changes if this is required
  • Security measures are met so that we know the query is being raised from a valid account holder
  • That there is a permanent written log of all correspondence and requests
For general accounts queries (billing, upgrades etc.) or checking the status of an open ticket, our teams are also available by telephone from 0900-1730 on weekdays.


If you are experiencing any general issues with your server that you are unable to resolve, you can request a rebuild to an “as new” state from the option in their MyDaily Control Panel. This will rebuild the server using the latest versions of the Operating System and any Control Panels you originally had.

We strongly recommend that if you are experiencing any issues on your server (especially after making any recent changes or updates), to perform a rebuild in the first instance and restore from your backups. Our engineers and administrators can investigate issues on your behalf, however if the issue is not hardware or network related (i.e. general user and administration issues), a server management charge would apply.


You can request a remote reboot of your server at any time from the reboot option in your MyDaily Control Panel.

Online Knowledge Base

We provide an in-depth knowledge base that documents common tasks, tutorials, getting started guides and frequently asked questions. This site is available at

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