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Choose from the latest in control panel technology.

Our fantastic VPS packages also come with your choice of different leading Control Panel technologies to suit your requirements, Choose from Plesk 11, with it's enhanced security and web server performance, and cPanel 11 (Linux only), the most popular and sophisticated control panel out there. Also, if you have a Hyper V VPS, you can take full advantage of WebsitePanel, included for free in all of our Windows Hyper V VPS Packages, built exclusively for Windows, Manage your VPS, websites, FTP accounts and more, easily.

Plesk 11 Control Panel

One of the leading, most comprehensive web hosting control panels on the market today.

Plesk's intuitive icon based web interface removes the complexities of managing a server, and you can use it to manage up to 100 domains.

It's easy to perform server administration tasks, such as DNS, cron jobs, scheduled tasks, virtual hosts, SQL database management, FTP account management, and more. You can even keep an eye on your server while you're on the move with built-in Remote Monitoring through your smartphone.

Test Drive Plesk 11

Before you buy, feel free to try out our Plesk Control Panel by clicking the button to the right. Use the login details below to trial as an admin!

Our Plesk 11 is easy to use and navigate through

Easy to use video tutorials

Built in application manager

Full control over each domain

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Login: admin
Password: panel

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Key Features

Improved Web Server Performance with nginx
nginx integration improves web server performance by reducing the latency that can be caused by multiple slow connections - such as mobiles using 3G or EDGE - accessing the site. Linux Only.
Improved Security
Plesk 11 includes significant security improvements, including improved password encryption at all levels, including FTP, database and mail.
Microsoft WebMatrix Configuration
Plesk 11 features upgraded Microsoft WebMatrix functionality, including the ability to automatically generate a configuration file that can be installed to enable automatic publication and updates of your WebMatrix projects to a Parallels Panel server.
Expanded APS 1.2 Compliance
Support of the Application Packaging Standard (APS) has been expanded, including automated licence provisioning for APS applications, to achieve a smoother experience for application installation. APS applications can now request certain DNS configurations for a site or require a specific Apache module or PHP setting.
Parallels Plesk Panel Software Development Kit (SKD)
Use the new Software Development Kit to learn how to extend Parallels Plesk Panel to meet your unique needs.
New look
Plesk now incorporates an updated, modern look and feel. It's intuitive to use, but if you're happier with an older skin it's now easier to revert to one.
Remote Monitoring
Keep up to date with your server performance while you're on the move! With the new Plesk Panel Mobile Monitor app, you'll be able to access critical server health information through your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone
Improved Web Hosting Management
Plesk 11 features a simplified, easier to use interface which makes managing your own web hosting customers even easier. It even gives you the power to hide unnecessary elements of the Control Panel from your novice customers! You'll have increased control over Apache modules, support for Web Deploy and Web Matrix, and you'll get fine control over settings at plan, subscription, website and domain levels with configurable PHP settings.
Intuitive Web Presence Builder
The brand-new Web Presence Builder makes it easy to build websites! It includes point-and-click and drag-and-drop capabilities, plus over 75 pre-built templates, complete with content appropriate for different small business types and personal interests. With Plesk 11, Web Presence Builder now has a website dashboard to act as information hub for visitor statistics and more, plus mobile website optimisation is supported and there are more design options than ever before.

* Requires separate licence

Fully integrated billing and customer management
Completely automates your hosting experience and simplifies management of the full customer lifecycle, from service plan creation to account provisioning to invoicing and billing.
Focus on your business - not your servers
Parallels Plesk Panel is designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses. It's intuitive and easy to use so you can manage your web hosting tasks in just a few clicks of the mouse and get back to business in no time.
Build and manage company websites easily
At the heart of any hosting server is the website that it manages. Parallels Plesk Panel has the tools you need to build and maintain websites.
Download web applications - with one click!
Modern websites are more than just text and images. With Parallels Plesk Panel, you can browse through hundreds of web applications such as social media, ecommerce, rich email, content management and CRM. Just choose the ones you need and add them to your website or service plan with a single click. You can even increase your revenues by selling premium apps through a Provider Storefront.
Be more productive
Give your employees the rich email and collaboration tools they need to be truly productive. Plus, you can quickly add new employees to your setup and control how they access the system.
Built-in Anti-Virus
Parallels Premium Anti-Virus, created by Plesk specialists Parallels in conjunction with anti-virus experts Dr. Web, is completely integrated with Plesk Control Panel. It provides the very highest reliability (100% Virus Detection, according to Virus Bulletin independent tests) and is always up-to-date thanks to a 24/7 monitoring centre tasked to monitor and respond to new virus threats.

* Not available on Windows

Parallels Power Panel
Parallels Power Panel is included for free with both Linux and Windows VPSs. Parallels Power Panel, which is a web-browser based application, allows users to start, stop, reboot your VPS. It also allows other functions like VPS backup, restore and repair.
Email Management
With Plesk, it's easy to create and modify email updates, create and change email aliases, manage auto-responders, create mailing lists, organise white and black lists for spam protection, and manage the spam filter.
Domain Management
Create new sites, manage multiple domain aliases, set up sub-domains and edit DNS records quickly and easily.

cPanel 11 and WebHost Manager (WHM) software

One of the most popular VPS optimised white-label control panels for server administrators.

Its intuitive graphical user interface and automation tools allow easy management of your server for users of all levels.

It provides 3 levels of users (administrator, reseller and end-user website owner) enabling the control of various aspects of server administration, website management, FTP accounts, mail and mailing lists to name a few. All this is achieved through a standard web browser. APIs are offered allowing cPanel 11 and WHM functionality to be extended and automation of many common functions.

Test Drive cPanel 11 and WHM

Try out cPanel 11 by clicking the button below. Use the login details on the left to trial each account!

Create multiple user logins granting control for access levels

Create hosting packages and package features

Change the look and feel of your cPanel control panel

Check service status

Root and Reseller Admin Panel

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Password: demo

Domain Owner Panel

Login: x3demob
Password: x3demob

Reseller Domain Panel

Login: x3demoa
Password: x3demoa

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Key Features

White-label Reseller Support
With cPanel and WHM, you are able to sell white-label reseller accounts. Create your own nameserver, replace the cPanel logo with your own, and completely customise the appearance using industry standard css.
Designed to Make Life Easier
Whether you are a seasoned server administrator, a reseller of hosting services or the ultimate website owner, cPanel and WHM was designed for you in mind. It reliably simplifies tasks such as:
  • Uploading and managing websites
  • Creating mail accounts and email management
  • Installing web-based applications like WordPress blogs, osCommerce stores, and phpBB forums
  • Backing up data
  • Protecting website owners from content and bandwidth abuse
  • Virus protection
Easily Manage Websites
One of the most important functions of a website owner is to create, upload and edit web pages. Using cPanel makes this a doddle: easily upload and manage web pages using cPanel's in-built File Manager, and create multiple FTP, SFTP, or FTPS accounts for employees.
Email Management
Set up email accounts associated with your website. cPanel supports standard email protocols, including POP, IMAP and SMTP, with and without SSL encryption. It also includes SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper to reduce spam.
Install Popular Web-based Applications
Website owners can install popular web-based applications like Wordpress blogs, osCommerce stores and phpBB forums with a few clicks.
Backup Wizard
cPanel's Backup Wizard makes it easy to set up and manage backups for your account.
Web Traffic Tracking
cPanel provides a comprehensive amount of information about web traffic. There are three different statistics generators to choose from, plus error logs, bandwidth tracking and raw FTP access logs are available.
Virus Protection
cPanel includes built in virus protection that makes it easy to scan files for viruses. You can protect your bandwidth from inappropriate use, password protect areas of your website, and ban users as appropriate.
Mobile Accessibility
cPanel and WHM will automatically display a mobile-friendly interface when you access it from your smartphone, so you can even manage your virtual private server while you're out and about.
Manage Service Configuration Easily
Using WHM, server administrators can manage configuration for FTP, email, and web services and more.
Handles Mundane Tasks
WHM automatically handles mundane and repetitive task such as creating the necessary DNS entries for every new hosting account; set up custom shell scripts to execute before or after certain tasks are completed
Install Applications and Programming Languages as needed
As well as offering a user-friendly interface, cPanel also offers excellent support for web developers. Install PHP packages, Perl modules and RoR applications, and you'll find there's a code editor built into cPanel's File Manager if you need it.
Enhanced Server Reliability
WHM is self-monitoring, which means that if it detects a failed service it will automatically try to restart that service and let you know about the problem: giving you chance to investigate sooner rather than later.

WHM can also monitor disk space and server load, providing you with reports of processor use that enable you to determine which processes are using most of your processor power.

You're also able to implement powerful security measures using WHM's Security Centre. Protect against spam and brute force attacks.


WebsitePanel is an easy to use control panel that's built exclusively for Windows.

Included for free with all of our Windows Hyper-V virtual private servers, WebsitePanel makes it easy to manage all your websites, FTP accounts, databases and other resources.

WebsitePanel is an ideal solution for:

  • Developers managing their own or customer servers and sites.
  • Providers offering Windows hosting services.
  • Individuals managing their dedicated or virtual Windows servers

Use WebsitePanel to quickly and easily manage all of your web properties including: Domain Names, Web Sites, Web Applications, FTP accounts, Databases, Hosted Organizations, Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mailboxes and Users, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Sites, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 users, Microsoft Lync 2010 users and Windows Hyper-V Virtual Servers.

Test Drive WebsitePanel

Before you buy, feel free to try out WebsitePanel by clicking the button below. Use the login details on the right to trial the different accounts!

Control all accounts from within the admin account

Demo as an Admin

Login: demo_admin
Password: password

Demo as an Reseller

Login: demo_reseller
Password: password

Demo as an User

Login: demo_user
Password: password

Demo as an Exchange

Login: demo_exchange
Password: password

Test WebsitePanel

Key Features

Open source project under BSD license
Built exclusively for Windows platform
True multi-server architecture
Huge list of 3rd party software
Tight integration with Microsoft Web App Gallery
Easy to install with Microsoft Web PI
Great community support
Supported by Microsoft
Open sidebar nav
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